UnMarketing – A Book Every Business Needs

Much like Content Rules which I have reviewed previously, what I loved about Scott Stratten’s UnMarketing is that this is not a book entirely about Social Media.

So many books today that talk about this new world of how business is done focus very heavily on social media tools, but here, Stratten focuses on breaking down conventions of doing business, and plugs in the social tools where needed.

He looks at how businesses should think about customers and the interactions with them. One of my favourite examples in the book is in the chapter on Stirring Coffee (Ch. 28).

Much like Scott, I drink a lot of coffee, and tend to get it from the same couple of places, depending on where I am. A cup of coffee may not cost much, but a loyal customer can end up spending tens of thousands of dollars over a period of years if it’s good. Which is why you need to make sure that you continue to deliver to existing customers.

He talks about the barriers that we put up between us and the customer that we don’t even think about. How focused is your website on your users? Have you considered the impact that things like Captcha and comment moderation are having on their experience? These are the kind of gems you find in here.

There are many more in the book, including examples of companies that have done it well and not so well.

Scott is a well known speaker, and when you read the book, he has imbued the book with the same tone and passion that he speaks with.

Another recommended read for anyone wanting to do better business with their customers.

For those of you in Sydney, it’s stocked at Dymocks on George Street and Pitt Street, and also available online at Amazon. And don’t forget to connect with Scott on Twitter @unmarketing and check out his site www.unmarketing.com

PHOTO – photodreamz

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