3 Incredibly Useful Product Blogs

3 Incredibly Useful Product Blogs

While their obvious primary purpose is to support the products they offer, I’ve found these three product blogs are incredibly useful resources for content marketing and social media guides, templates and best practices.

Buffer Blog

In a post last week, I covered some helpful tips for using Buffer to manage social throughput. If you’re after a useful guide to other resources on the web though to help build effective social and digital presences, check out their blog.¬†There is a new post pretty much every day, and a real focus on big lists of resources, templates to help you do better at content marketing and social media.

As an example, here are some of their recent posts:


If you’re just getting started in content marketing (or even if you’ve been doing it for a while), CoSchedule’s blog is a goldmine of resources , strategy templates, content calendars, with a large focus on how these things flow into blogging. The tool itself is great as well, allowing to you to schedule your social posts per platform from right within the post editor of WordPress.

As an example:


HubSpot’s blog¬†delves into wider areas of marketing, sales, social and thought leadership, designed to get you thinking about the functional aspects of your business that can be facilitated through their suite of products.

Some recent content from their blog:

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