Weekly Social Media and Content Round Up – 3rd May

04 May
May 4, 2015

This week’s top social and content posts from my Twitter feed covered some interesting perspectives on social media including false economies and ROI, as well as brand building planning.

How Click Farms Have Inflated Social Media Currency

This article was a really interesting look at fake likes and click farms. Quite a long read, but fascinating.

4 Essentials to Building Your Brand on Social Media

Honestly, I think some of this is reasonably straight forward, and has been covered so much in the past, but this is a good, succinct overview.

How to Measure the ROI of Social Media

Social ROI is one of those topics that continues to be discussed at length as many businesses struggle to work out how to measure value as it applies to their business. These 5 concepts are a good starting point.

The Social Media Content Calendar Every Marketer Needs

An excellent template to manage your publishing on social channels every day. Recommended.

6 Tips Content Marketers Need To Know About Google’s New Update

Google’s recent change to favour mobile friendly sites had some significant impacts on sites, and this post from Contently was a good overview for all content marketers on how to make the most of it.