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4 Discovery Sites for Content Curation

4 Discovery Sites for Content Curation

A couple of years ago I published my 4 step framework for content curation. It’s a framework that fits not only for personal brand, but also for businesses looking to build a strategy. My method really hasn’t really changed in that time, and every day I am discovering more and more amazing content being published.

Why Content Curation Matters

Regardless of your business, curation should be an important part of your strategy. The ability to assemble content and ideas beyond your own that fit your brand message or purpose build trust.

The first of the four steps was finding trusted sources to pull content from, so I wanted to share with you four sites that I’m currently using to discover amazing articles as part of my content curation strategy.

Pocket Explore

Screen shot of Pocket Discover


I’ve been using Pocket as one of my main tools for managing social throughput for years, and as they have amassed more and more links, their role as a discovery engine has increased.

The Explore function (currently in BETA) only seems to be available on desktop (different to the recommend function in the mobile app based on people you follow), but it is a search based discovery engine that will bring some great stories to the fore.

Another recent piece of functionality comes with their browser extension. When you add a site to your Pocket with the button, similar stories and recommendations will appear.

Post Planner

Screenshot of Post Planner


I was a bit late to Post Planner, despite having an account for years. I’ve never really delved into it until recently and realised the full potential of it.

Search on a key term, discover pages and accounts across Facebook and Twitter, and any articles based on keyword searches. Importantly, you can save these and build a feed of content to curate from.

It requires some refinement in terms, but can pull in some great pieces in a number of formats. It also allows you to schedule them.

Medium’s Reading Roulette

Screen shot of Medium Reading Roulette


Human beings are not singular in our interests. It’s important to be looking for stories that reflect that breadth beyond just your immediate area you are curating from.

Medium is both a powerful publishing platform for people, but they also do a great job of bringing stories to the for, through functions like their Reading Roulette (found in the main navigation).

These aren’t necessarily stories on your particular theme, but you’re sure to find something of interest.



Screenshot of BeeBee

One network I am keeping an eye on for the moment and discovering some interesting content is BeBee, which is billing itself as a professional network built on affinity, or shared interest.

While members can curate links, there is also a publishing function, which is accompanied by a discovery function. Here you can find a lot of original content on particular topics of interest.

The user base is not yet huge, but there is still some interesting content being created.

Would love to hear about any other sources people might find valuable for content curation.



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