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Why Twitter Threads Will Boost Narratives

Why Twitter Threads Will Boost Narratives

A while ago I wrote about the importance of social media stories, and why they matter in the context of building a narrative. The platforms that were succeeding had two things in common – ease of use and access to users.

While Moments didn’t quite become the storytelling tool it could have been for Twitter, today they announced that they are rolling out a Twitter threads feature (similar to the Tweetstorm for those of us who have been using it for a while), that will allow you to build on a narrative as you go and bring together strands of a story.

The good news is that it appears to be rolling to all rather than a select group, and the ease of use is very familiar, with a simple add button to link your tweets together. These two elements mean it will become a valuable tool on the platform.

Richer Context In Narratives

Despite their advances in video, Twitter has traditionally been a text first platform. Other key players in the stories space (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram) are now or have always been visual media first. This puts Twitter into a unique position to start building truly rich narratives. Copy creates context, and with 280 characters now available per tweet, I expect that we will see much richer content narratives.

Native to the Feed

The other advantage is that the format is already native to the feed. It’s not a breakout section, a new tab or a separate app. It’s storytelling in the familiar Twitter style that will aid in consumption and creation. Add to this that Twitter remains one of the few platforms that allows you to (largely) opt-out of an algorithmic feed, your audience is real time, increasing your impact.

Discoverability Will (as always) Be Key

While Twitter threads will appear within the native feed, this will also be a challenge to discoverability. Twitter will need to work on how they highlight tweets that are threaded to truly make them useful.

Image Credit: Clinton Naik

Why Social Media Stories Matter

Why Social Media Stories Matter

Storytelling is very the core of good social and content strategy. It allows us to build a narrative and connect on a deeper level with friends, customers and connections. Nearly all social platforms recognise this and now have their own iteration of tools for telling social media stories. Facebook Stories (currently testing in Ireland) is the latest… Continue Reading

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